Dutch court F-35 ban: a “clear risk of serious violations of humanitarian law” by Israel

The Appeals Court in the Hague sided with a group of human rights organisations that argued the parts contributed to violations of law by Israel in its war with Hamas. The court’s ruling

The court therefore orders the State to put an end to the further export of F-35 parts to Israel within seven

There is a clear risk that serious violations of humanitarian law of war are committed in the Gaza Strip with Israel’s F-35 fighter planes.

That ruling “strengthen[ed] our confidence in a positive ruling in our case”, said PAX Netherlands, one of the rights groups involved in the appeal.

“This positive ruling by the judge is very good news. Especially for the civilians in Gaza,” said Michiel Servaes, head of Oxfam Novib, another group involved in the appeal.

  • @AllonzeeLV
    2 months ago

    Are judicial branches not part of governments?

    I consider judges to be government officials representing government. Governments fight themselves quite a lot.

    • @[email protected]
      2 months ago

      Sure, but one judge, or even a judicial panel, doesn’t mean the government as a collective isn’t on crazy pills.