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In a hearing on Wednesday held by the U.S. House Oversight Committee, historian Dr. Timothy Snyder from Yale University confronted Republican lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Green about her accusations of Ukraine being ‘corrupt’ and a ‘Nazi state’.

"You can be assured that no far-right party has ever crossed 3 percent in an Ukrainian election,” Snyder said. “So, of course, there are bad people in every country, but by any comparative standard, it is a very small phenomenon [in Ukraine].”

Snyder added: "In Russia, on the other hand, the army includes openly Nazi formations … the [Russian]government itself is fascist in character, and it is carrying out a war, which includes deportation of children by the tens of thousands, the open intention of destroying a state, as well as mass torture,” Snyder said.

“So if we’re looking for fascism, and if there is anyone who is sincerely concerned about halting fascism or racism, you would wish to halt Russia.”

Snyder also addressed Greene’s false claims of U.S. tax dollars would be going to support Ukrainian Nazis, saying that “this trope of Ukraine being corrupt with respect for weapons comes from a handful of Russian sources”.

“There is no reason to think it. They [Ukrainians] are fighting for their lives.”

  • @rayyy
    111 month ago

    The Moscow cow will do anything to keep herself in the spotlight.