• @[email protected]
    172 months ago

    Cute article, but does anyone else find it distracting that in between some of the paragraphs there are links to other articles? I know that modern media needs to be engaging to people with TikTok-brain, but I found it somewhat obnoxious.

    I counted 5 of these article links which was bad enough, but I can’t imagine what it looks like without an ad-blocker.

    • @NegativeInf
      72 months ago

      On mobile I get like 8 inline billboard ads for BestBuy that are larger than the paragraph. One for each article link between the paragraphs. One video that plays at the bottom and scrolls with you, and one video ad at the top that just plays.

      How do ads even make money today? I don’t think I’ve ever even clicked one on purpose. Is it just impressions? I feel like companies are just handing money to Google and Facebook without much benefit? Or am I missing something?

      • @rdyoung
        52 months ago

        On mobile I get no ads. You should check out adguard. If you are on android you can install it at the os level and/or you can install the addon to FF

  • @800XL
    42 months ago

    Half of them are in my basement!

  • @Blue_Morpho
    12 months ago

    I miss Grammatik. It was so good at finding problems and I’m not sure if there’s anything as good today 40 years later.

    What software today will analyze your paragraph and report:

    “Overstated and pretentious”