I’ve been playing this game off and on, starting over since it came out. I was a hardcore Bloodborne player, but also played a lot of elden ring and ds3. Sekiro never clicked, I thought it was slick and the action felt incredible but I just couldn’t get past the beginning. Finally I’ve broken through and am having a blast, and its all thanks to Armored Core 6. Thanks Armored Core 6 (I will not elaborate).

  • @Sakychu
    21 month ago

    I think the problem with Sekiros dodge roll is that it is way shorter with 18 frames at 60 fps for the forward step and 12 frames for the sideways and backstep. If I remembered correctly dark souls has around 30 so a lot more gracious.

    I personally step dodge only attacks which knock you back to easily deal alot of health damage