I’ve been playing this game off and on, starting over since it came out. I was a hardcore Bloodborne player, but also played a lot of elden ring and ds3. Sekiro never clicked, I thought it was slick and the action felt incredible but I just couldn’t get past the beginning. Finally I’ve broken through and am having a blast, and its all thanks to Armored Core 6. Thanks Armored Core 6 (I will not elaborate).

  • @PM_Your_Nudes_Please
    51 month ago

    Yeah, most FromSoft games just feel intentionally clunky to me. Like the difficulty is artificial, purely because your character’s limbs seem to be full of birdshot. It always feels like the character is directly resisting my controls and fighting against me.

    But Sekiro did away with all of that. The character feels snappy. He’s not weighed down. I never felt like I lost a fight because of an animation lock, or because my character was simply too sluggish. Every time I lost, I knew it was because I wasn’t fast enough as a player. And honestly, I prefer that. If I’m going to lose against a boss, I don’t want it to be due to some forced windup animation taking too long.