I have been using CachyOS for more than 6 months at this point and I’m pretty happy with it. Among the many distros I tried, this is probably my favourite arch based distro. I initially installed it because it offered Hyprland desktop, and I didn’t want to bring over my messy config nor did I want to start from scratch. But sometimes when I want to game or when I wake up my computer from sleep the display would just keep blacking out and won’t let me use it until I restart the computer (I am using an AMD GPU btw). This issue has been happening on Plamsa 6, and Gnome as well. I have tried various fixes from the ArchWiki but it’s still there. Other than that I really liked the Distro.

It’s not like changing distros can solve my moitor blacking out problem, but I’m going to try something based on Silverblue for a change. Yes, I have tried the Ublue project in the past, it was good but I couldn’t get into the whole immutable thing back then, so I hopped back to my staple Arch/Tumbleweed and carried on. Fast forward to today… I’m thinking about trying Bazzite or Aurora as the idea of having a low maintenance system is now very appealing to me.

I’m not necessarily a hardcore gamer but I do play games every other day and also run some LLMs locally every now and then. I’m not sure which one I should go for between Bazzite and Aurora. Maybe someone who has run both can give their opinion.

  • Para_lyzed
    1 month ago

    Shouldn’t be too long left, I’d expect it to hit Fedora 40 sometime this month. I also shared instructions on how to temporarily upgrade the kernel to the one in Fedora 41’s repos (which is past 6.9) if you were interested in trying that, though the instructions are untested as of yet (the issue doesn’t affect me since I don’t play games). It’s easily revertible if you wanted to give it a try. I probably wouldn’t bother if you use secure boot, because I’ve had issues with signing things before with similar steps, though those are the official steps from the Fedora documentation, so it may be that they just work fine.