• @hairinmybellybuttOP
    -11 year ago

    A lot of what china produces goes to exports.

    A planned economy is a regulated system.

    Capitalism led to a deregulated capitalism, which is mostly under the oversight of capitalists, not by politicians or public interests. I want capitalism to become better regulated again, especially advertising. Do you believe that can happen? I don’t really know.

    All am I saying is that under a planned economy, capitalists cannot advertise for products and target the reward systems of the brains of consumers which work short term, not long term.

    Production should happen in a regulated system that benefits people on the long term. The production of sodas and taco bells are not in the same priority system compared to maintaining roads, to produce a steady food supply or have healthcare, teachers and a military. Supply and demand requires that you cannot mix everything when it comes to public interests. That’s why planned economies are much much “agile” in a war economy like what the climate is causing.