This has been an issue for a long time. I’ve been trying to avoid Chromium based browsers, but Firefox seems to be unable to print a lot of web pages without cutting off the content between pages. This is Firefox specific, as it doesn’t happen with Chromium browsers. It’s really a pain in the ass when I need to print something I have to open another browser and print it from there. I see tons of complaints about this online going back for years. I just spent the past two hours trying (unsuccessfully) to print a recipe correctly. I eventually gave up, opened Edge and printed from there. The current state of web browsers is dogshit. It’s either give up all of your privacy or use broken stuff. Neither is good.

  • @nitefox
    -13 months ago

    Sorry, please don’t take this as an attack. It’s just that I’m so tired of that lame joke.

    I tried to present this as an observation. When filing a bug report (which I tried to emulate here), you have to take into account the distro, as it may influence the behavior of the software in question. Namely here Firefox.

    Now, does that make you laugh? Good, laugh about it. But please think about it in this context. You are laughing about a personal choice. Prejudice is taking hold of your mind. You’re turning someone’s choice into a strawman, easy to be laughed at just because.

    It’s a bit like attacking vegans. Now it’s not about this or that person and their choice. They’re evened out, ridiculed, just because it’s memetic to do so. The same with Arch users, so it seems.

    I don’t use Arch btw. There’s no btw because I don’t care about that. This just reminds me of how certain groups always have to hear the same old tired jokes about them, just because, individually, everyone telling those jokes feels it’s so clever to do so.

    Sorry. I think we can do better than this here at Lemmy. Again, this is not an attack. Perhaps just a reminder.