Everytime I see a data map on some topic, Western Sahara is always filed under ”No Data” or something similar. I know that the area is disputed by Morocco and some self governing body in the area, but that’s all I know. Is this like an Israel-Palestine thing, or something else?

  • Rigal
    10 months ago

    Thank you for correcting me.

    About the cia agent, as I said it borderlines conspiracy theory but it’s possible to find media about the subject : https://www.meneame.net/m/cultura/rey-juan-carlos-borbon-fue-espia-eeuu

    Basically after the green march Juan Carlos was providing information to the CIA about Francos movements in western Sahara. The CIA has declassified this papers recently and we’re previously exposed by Wikileaks.

    Supposedly Juan Carlos was betraying and providing information in exchange for the United States supporting the monarchy in the future.