Please understandnim asking this question from a genuine place. I dont want the quora answer, i want the tech savvy, security expert minds of my fellow lemmings. If thats ok?

What happens to this data? What can/do they do with it? and why are so many people concerned about google tracking them?

Do i as an average user need to be concerned?

If so, What sorts of things can i do to avoid being tracked? Preferably without too much comprimise.

  • @magikarpet
    39 months ago

    My worst imagination is a nefarious entity using our data to determine if we are a threat or try and categorize people for some kind of psyop manipulation.

    Something like Captain America Winter Soldier but more realistic. Even things like Cambridge Analytica show it is not that far fetched.

    While social media companies and amazon may not have the desire to do those things, they sure make it easier for others by greedily collecting the data.