• @grayhaze
    -27 months ago

    You’re right of course. Neither Loki nor Secret Invasion have such high stakes as the main character’s struggles to find a boyfriend, buy some dope sneakers or dance with Megan Thee Stallion, instead choosing such mundane things as preventing the nuclear annihilation of humankind or preventing the fabric of the universe from collapsing.

    Secret Invasion also unfortunately didn’t end with a fourth-wall-breaking monologue about how wrong viewers are for liking the things that the studio have spent two decades building, and Loki didn’t spend a series talking about how wrong it is to judge a person based solely on their appearance, only to then take an established character of the opposite gender and objectify them for laughs.

    She-Hulk was a modern masterpiece of storytelling, and anything else Marvel have put out pales in comparison. /s