I’m sure this has been asked, but is there a way to lock specific games onto my home? I want to keep games I usually play there and hide things I either don’t, or that I tested once and opted not to keep playing. Using the “hide” option feels a bit too aggressive for that since I’m happy with them being in my library, but I want a clean, curated home screen. CSS didn’t have anything that I could find but maybe there’s something I’m missing somewhere? Does anyone know of an option?

  • @TheAmazingMrSuitOP
    33 months ago

    Yeah, but that’s my exact problem, I want to keep a specific list of games, not the last played. I would much rather open it to see Elden ring and the other games with beautiful artwork I chose from decky, rather than something like onlycans (don’t get me wrong, great game, but I would simply rather see ER instead). It’s about preference exclusively and as someone who likes to tinker and tune every aspect, I think it would be nice to have the option to lock in a list of games instead of having to boot any game I want on the home every time