At the stroke of midnight, recreational marijuana became legal in Ohio.

Voters approved last month that adults 21 and older are allowed to use and grow cannabis.

However, Ohio Republicans may be putting the brakes on it.

On Monday, Ohio Senate Republicans proposed banning at-home growing, increasing the substance’s tax rate, and altering how those taxes get distributed.

The ballot measure, dubbed Issue 2, passed on the Nov. 7 election with 57% of the vote - but since it is a citizen’s vote, the legislature is allowed to make tweaks to the law.

  • @Candelestine
    386 months ago

    Gerrymanders, mostly. If we played ball the way they did, first off nobody should vote for us then because we’d be assholes too, but also, they’d disappear in a puff of smoke.

    It’s a pleasant daydream sometimes, but we’d be selling our souls to corruption just to win, which probably wouldn’t end well.