Just something to rant about, obviously ShatteredPD is great and I still enjoy playing it after so many years…

…however! The one addition I don’t like is to use the crystal keys for so many more goodies than just the two chests rooms.

It used to be when you found a crystal key, you would immediately know there are two chests waiting for you, maybe even the crystal chest mimic. I was always excited to find those keys because it meant I would get a new hopefully useful item.

These days however, its just one of many possibilities and once you find that second or third key, you know its not the chest. I don’t dislike adding all these other options, but I like them all less than the original chests. Could there not be another key type to use for those? Like the golden ones, if it has to be an existing type. Or make the original crystal keys into something else, skull key or dragon keys or whatever. Rat king keys maybe. Please?

  • @seaQueue
    15 months ago

    I like the two crystal door rooms design where one room has a chest and the other has scrolls/potions.

    Something about the three key design bugs me, it’s probably the “you must always commit to the middle two doors to see the last two items” - but I guess that’s intended since the last two doors have a good chance at something excellent like a potion of experience. I’m not sure what it is about this design but something feels vaguely unsatisfying.