Hey everyone, I saw a community called ADHD Talk, but it’s got no users, so I came here instead.

I like this community because it provides a lot of funny contexts for the difficulties I come across in understanding my diagnosis, and some honest stories from other ADHD people (victims? Possessors?, Space cadets?)

It’s also hard because, like some legitimate OCD possessing members that groan at every mild example of specificity, it’s hard to filter out the general decrease of attention spans due to technological advances/rapid cuts used in animation from other people trying to understand and live with a diagnosed disorder.

Anyways, hoping I can make some new friends here (which despite being very social in person and 33 years old, I haven’t figured out how to make friends online somehow?)

  • @agent_flounder
    24 months ago

    Yeah I recall Dr. Barkley or someone saying something about awareness of oneself in space in relation to other things or something like that. I bump into door frames way more often than is normal for no reason whatsoever.

    I think I have ADHD; I went to a psychiatrist last week for an evaluation but forgot to ask at the end of the session if he thinks I have it

    Not saying you do or don’t (not qualified) but… That’s got to be one of the most ADHD things I’ve heard :)

    I don’t remember if nervous habits are typical (besides, like, bouncing your leg or stuff like that) but I know I have similar quirks.

    If they’re trying stimulant medication it sounds like a “likely” or at least “maybe”? Best wishes.