No I’m not catastrophising.

The world is slowly lurching towards a fully fascist led America, India, Hungary, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Argentina.

Instead people are either ignorant or blaming “wokeism”* for their problems.

I have no clue what to do and this is literally a car crash in slow motion.

I’m despondent because I’m going to be crushed under the boot when the time comes and my morals get in the way of my survival instinct.

Humans are repeating the mistakes of the past. It’s just so anxiety inducing.

*Woke is a useless term promulgated by fascists to dog whistle the things they really want to hate - feminism, socialism, LGBTQIA+, immigration, brown/black people, equality and diversity.

  • @Attack0fthenerd
    4 months ago

    John Brown gun club or Socialist Rifle Association are out there… also there are plenty of paramilitary and social fascist groups to protect yourself against. Proud boys, border nutjobs, don’t listen to naysayers about learning to defend yourself. It’s not just military with tanks and planes. It’s your back the blue neighbor you have to worry about…