Spambots are abusing this fact

.ml admins fix pls

  • @MrKaplanA
    52 months ago

    Most of these are unfortunately limited to local instance moderation, which means all instances that don’t run these bots don’t benefit from them.

    The posts have already been modified in ways that they aren’t as easy to reliably filter anymore, though still possible with fairly low false positive rate.

    To add to this, depending on how content is removed, removal may or may not federate properly. on Lemmy.World, we’ve been removing content in a way that reliably federates, so while a lot of this spam does arrive in [email protected] and [email protected], the removals on Lemmy.World should federate to all other instances (0.18.5+).

    The other portion of the spam is mostly on, in [email protected] and [email protected], and not all of their removals have been done in a way that federates.