• @[email protected]
    04 months ago

    I got a lot of “but why?” from other adults for my hobbies. Recently bought a cheap guitar and amp because I want to learn it. Every casual friend adult did a “but why? You won’t be in a band or anything.” Pursuing something because it interests you is outside of the norm for a lot of people.

    I also noticed people have wildly defeatist attitudes about hobbies. No, I won’t be as good as Kirk Hammet (Metallica) in a year. For a lot of people that means they should not even try.

    I would rather be boring and be able to play the bard music from Skyrim.

    • @abysmalpoptart
      24 months ago

      Oh for sure. I’m not suggesting that those situations don’t occur, they absolutely do. I’m adding that there’s the alternative possibility that I’m legitimately curious as to the reasoning. I could also see some validity in the you don’t want to be in a band comment, because that person or those people might wonder why the choice was made.

      Not understanding something and asking questions isn’t always the same as a personal attack. I think we all need to be a little better about giving the benefit of the doubt sometimes.

      For the record, i don’t think that’s boring at all, that sounds pretty neat. Jam away!!