• @IronDonkey
    10 months ago

    This assumes you’re looking for a particular item of clothing. It’s true that the clothes cache is not optimized for that.

    However, if you are instead looking for a shirt, a pair of pants, and/or so on, without regards to which specific shirt, and if the cache is randomly sorted and the distribution of all such items is roughly equal, then it becomes O(1) - regardless of the size of the cache, you’ll get what you want within 4 or 5 checks. Plus, you typically want one of each of the types of item, and you’ll get all of them within those same 4 or 5 checks.

    Bonus: the checks can be parallelized by using a “wide” cache that enables multiple items to be checked at once. This is why I use a short and wide clean clothes basket and a tall and skinny dirty clothes basket.