I made an account 3 years ago to make a single post, which I wanted to be anonymous for. I logged in again today as I wanted an account for… um… science, and discovered I was banned a year ago. I find this ban incredibly odd as

  1. I did not log into this account for two years between the post and the suspension
  2. They do not state what rule I broke, which is not standard in my experience
  3. They do not offer the opportunity to appeal, which I also believe is not standard
  4. They tell me to make a new account. If I broke their rules, why would they want me to make a new account? Temp ban makes sense. Permaban makes sense. This makes no sense.

The only explanation I can think of is that they want to bump the user count.

  • @Pretzilla
    73 months ago

    Still, give it a look. There’s a scooby snack in it for you when you report back here