Project 2025’s 180-Day Playbook is a remarkably detailed guide to turning the United States into a fascist’s paradise.

    • @cultsuperstar
      54 months ago

      They all forget that Trump said he would take away their guns first and ask questions later, but nope, it’s only the libs that want to do that. Which, no liberal has ever said (that I know of) that they wanted to take away guns. They just want stricter gun laws. There’s a difference but small minds have a hard time understanding that.

  • @ceiphas
    84 months ago

    Breaking: water is wet, and it’s dark at night

  • Resol van Lemmy
    44 months ago

    The United States are starting to look like their very first ever friend: Morocco.

    That’s right. Both abortion and LGBT rights are illegal over here and always have been.