DOHA/JERUSALEM, Feb 12 (Reuters) - Israel freed two Israeli-Argentinian hostages in Rafah on Monday under the cover of airstrikes which local health officials said killed 67 Palestinians and wounded dozens in the southern Gaza city that is the last refuge of about a million displaced civilians.

  • Flying Squid
    124 months ago

    Proportional and fair! I’m sure every one of those 67 Palestinians were guilty, guilty, guilty! Especially if some of them were small children- the fiercest of Hamas’ fighters!

    • queermunist she/her
      34 months ago

      As far as Israel is concerned all Palestinians are either Hamas, Hamas supporters, or human shields.

      • Stamets
        4 months ago

        Which is why Israel should be labeled a failed state run by a terrorist organization.

        Palestine elects Hamas like twenty ago and now every Palestinian has to suffer that. Israel elects a terrorist organization for the past twenty years and they get international funding and weapons.

    • kick_out_the_jams
      -24 months ago

      Idan Bejerano, Hare’s son-in-law, said the hostages had been sleeping when “within a minute” the commandos were in the building and covering them as they fought the captors.

      They weren’t on vacation!

      or do you imagine them holding themselves hostage all this time?

      • Flying Squid
        94 months ago

        What are you even talking about? Are you claiming they were being held hostage by 67 people?

        "I’ve been collecting my family’s body parts since the morning, said Ibrahim Hassouna as a woman knelt over the body of a young child nearby. “I only recognised their toes or fingers.”

        I’m sure that young child was for sure one of the people responsible for October 6th.

  • @Linkerbaan
    54 months ago

    Finally KILLED is in the headlines. Took them long enough.

    Must be real nice for the million people in the south to hear massive bombardments in the middle of them while were sleep too.