• A joint investigation by the Insider, Der Spiegel, and the CBS news program 60 Minutes claims Russia may be to blame for US diplomats and other officials suffering a mysterious set of ailments called “Havana syndrome.” A report on the years-long investigation aired Sunday. Guardian (LR: 2 CP: 5)
  • Victims of the reported health incidents allegedly endured symptoms including severe headaches, dizziness, nausea, and ear pain. The incidents are often referred to as “Havana syndrome” as the first documented cases were reported at the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba in 2016. Time (LR: 2 CP: 5)
  • The new report says the first case of the condition may actually have occurred in Germany in 2014, and there have been more than 1K reports of mystery ailments that have plagued diplomats all over the world, with dozens still unresolved. BBC News (LR: 3 CP: 5)
  • 60 Minutes’ five-year investigation contradicts a 2023 report by the US government that said it was “very unlikely” a foreign adversary was responsible for the mysterious ailments. CBS (LR: 2 CP: 5)
  • The 60 Minutes report says it has “uncovered evidence” that Russia’s GRU Unit 29155 may have used “directed energy weapons” to attack US officials. The intelligence unit has been blamed for other foreign operations, such as the poisoning of a Russian defector to the UK in 2018. Euronews
  • Studies of those experiencing Havana syndrome have reportedly shown no evidence of physical damage. The FBI, White House, and National Intelligence continue to monitor the situation, though their stance hasn’t changed since last year. The Kremlin has denied the allegations. CBS (LR: 2 CP: 5)

Establishment-critical narrative:

  • Sunday’s bombshell report moves beyond circumstantial evidence and makes it all but certain that Moscow is behind “Havana syndrome.” Russia has the technology, capability, and motive to deploy non-lethal acoustic weapons to disrupt the US. The US government should reopen its investigation immediately and respond with due diligence and greater empathy to civil servants who have suffered through this attack and subsequent neglect.
    NEWSWEEK (LR: 1 CP: 5)

Pro-establishment narrative:

  • The US government has studied the allegations of Havana syndrome in detail. These outcomes of this investigation have not established causality between reported symptoms and a foreign adversary. Government agencies are concerned about reported symptoms and their personnel and will explore holistic solutions and employee well-being to enhance occupational health and safety.
    CBS (LR: 2 CP: 5)

Pro-Russia narrative:

  • This report is just more fear-mongering by the US against Russia. Whenever any person or official in the US suffers from any ailment, the American media and some government officials quickly blame Russia without evidence. This silliness needs to end, and the Kremlin will continue to push back against baseless accusations.

Nerd narrative:

  • There’s a 13% chance that there will be a war between the US and Russia before Jan. 1, 2050, according to the Metaculus prediction community.
    METACULUS (LR: 3 CP: 3)