I did a minimal Fedora 40 installation on my Thinkpad, so it’s possible I missed some package… I don’t have the Power entry in the notification settings; need that one to turn off the absolutely inane notification that the laptop’s about to suspend.

Searched dnf for anything resembling power, came up short. Any idea what to check for?

  • @[email protected]
    11 month ago

    You mean it’s missing in this app list? Aren’t they added when an app shows a notification for the first time?

    • @enviousCardinalOP
      21 month ago

      yeah, power is supposed to be there as an entry in this list; it’s there when you do a full install. so I didn’t install something. searched dnf for anything resembling notifications, power, etc., and compared it to a full install, came up short.

      so once that thing appears there, I can disable lock screen notifications so that my screen isn’t turned on before it gets suspended.