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REMINDER: This Bipartisan Push to Ban TikTok Is Not About Chinese Spying [20:22 | Mar 13 2024 | Glenn Greenwald]

Short Summary

  1. The video addresses the misconception that TikTok is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party to manipulate young Americans against their government.
  2. It discusses a specific incident where a video critical of the US government and its efforts in Ukraine was banned on TikTok.
  3. The CIA and FBI are said to influence TikTok’s content moderation to maintain access to the lucrative US market.
  4. The US government demands censorship on TikTok similar to countries like China, Iran, and Brazil which require tech companies to censor content.
  5. TikTok has made concessions to US agencies, including the Pentagon, CIA, and FBI, by outsourcing content moderation to US-controlled groups.
  6. The platform has hired executives from Facebook and Instagram for content moderation to comply with US government censorship demands.
  7. The White House initially called for a ban on TikTok citing national security concerns.
  8. TikTok user Luke David Johnson advocates for free communication and criticizes government control over media platforms.
  9. The video discusses the removal of a hashtag related to Osama Bin Laden’s letter to America, sparking controversy and questions about TikTok’s motives.
  10. The US government’s influence over TikTok’s censorship decisions is evident, including the removal of controversial content.
  • GladiusB
    31 month ago

    First he combined two things and presented them as facts. Denying one does not enforce or negate the other. He starts by saying that we are led to believe that there are ties to the Chinese Communist party and thus trying to control the United States. It is unequivocally connected to the Chinese Communist party. There is no denying this. It’s well documented. If they are trying to control us is pure speculation it is not fair to say. But to say one is without the other is horrible journalism.

    Second he tried to parallel this with Russia saying it is fear mongering. Russia unequivocally tampered with our elections. They used social media to do so. They made these agreements with Jared Kushner present. There is reason to be concerned and aware that it has historically happened and there are legal consequences that are playing out currently.

    Btw TikTok is banned in China itself.