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[Industry] Sony and Apollo send letter expressing interest in $26 billion Paramount buyout as company mulls Skydance bid

  • Flying SquidM
    233 months ago

    I’m thinking this is bad for Star Trek no matter what, because the first thing these entertainment companies do when they buy each other is cut budgets and cut projects.

    • NegativeNullOPM
      133 months ago

      Agreed. There’s already too much consolidation in the TV/Movie content industry.

    • @glimse
      63 months ago

      Wow how rude, that doesn’t sound like Sony at all! They’re a good company with a preference for quality media over profits…always!

    • @Worf
      53 months ago

      I’d be really curious to see how Trek is seen in bigwig offices. Do they see potential worth investing in, or do they see it as a dead franchise?