I hope this software is useful to those who feel they need it.

Available on codeberg: https://codeberg.org/MarshReaper/GuardianSecurityCenter/releases/latest

This is a client that makes use of the ClamAV packages available in most repositories. It is made to replace ClamTK and check that box for people wanting to use Linux.

Some features are still in development, so not for production use just yet. But, you can run a quick scan and update signatures which is basic enough for most users.

I saw a video DistroTube posted and it made me a bit confused. It was about the Kasperky being offered on Linux. If you have seen the comments you would understand.

Anyways, this had me remember people I know ask me about anti viruses on Linux. I tried ClamTK, but it is very unintuitive and has a somewhat broken workflow.

I hopped on Godot and searched for an image of a popular antivirus software. I then made the software using the pretty layout that many people are used to.

I learned some things about Godot and I hope others will too with this project. Enjoy!

Also, if anyone could help me find the best way to distribute this software that would be great! (flatpak? repos? it requires administrative privileges)