The Siege of Sigiburg Castle (France) in 776 A.D. The besieged French Garrison had not too many options for surviving. Praying to God (The Annal reads) The French requested a miracle. It is said that several bright and glowing ‘‘Shields’’ appeared over the Fortified Structure (seen by both friend and foe alike). Knowing that God had answered their prayers, the Shields of The Lord so frightened The Saxon invaders that they soon withdrew from the siege (saving Sigiburg Castle). Later, in the 12th Century Monks wrote of the incident and illustrated what was seen.

The Annales Laurissenses indeed contain an entry for the year 776 which reads as such:

“…and the same day, while they (the Saxons) were preparing for another assault against the Christians who were living in the castle, the glory of God manifested itself above the church inside the fortress. Those who were watching in the square outside - many of which still live today - said that they saw something resembling two large flaming shields of reddish color moving above the church itself.”

  • @Billy_Gnosis
    51 year ago

    So guys in the 1100’s painted an incident based on what some guys said in the 700’s. Which more than likely was a meteor breaking up.

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      111 months ago

      And now people in the 2000s take whatever they want as proof. Completely absurd.

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    And if you come back, I shall taunt you again!!!

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    That’s badminton. They playing badminton.