Welcome to !epiclewd,

This community is directly related to r/EpicLewd on Reddit.

Reddit has been acting extremely aggressively against communities and mods in the attempt to take over and stop the protests, they’ve shown that they don’t care about maintaining existing communities stable and they won’t hesistate to remove moderators and replace them with new ones. They did undo it only hours after it happened becaue of backlash, but only for a few of the biggest subs, many big sub moderators were still removed from their communities because they supported the revolution. They supported it by setting their communities nsfw, so ads wouldn’t appear, in an attempt to make reddit lose revenue. This seems to be working, but in the current state reddit is nothing more than a stinky cesspool that’s starting to die, and it will die over the next years if this is the direction reddit ceo wants to take.

This will be a way to preserve what is here and to allow for an easy startover if reddit were to go down even worse than it already is. I’m downloading all the content that has been posted here to post it again here