We can argue for hours about the quality of the local news organization of record, the San Diego Union-Tribune. Especially after its recent purchase by a news conglomerate. But put that aside: today the U-T offers its annual Community Almanac. The site is paywalled, so you’re not reading it for free online. It’s not worth viewing on a mobile screen as it’s formatted for print-first. Works pretty well on a big desktop screen, but I’d advise you to pay for the print edition. Get a paper copy today while they’re still on the rack. :: The special edition is a stand-alone broadside, featuring detailed info on local Hiking, Camping & Outdoors, Dining, Local Murals, Theaters, Museums, Balboa Park, Beaches, and Birding. What’s especially interesting is the inclusion of soft and hard data/photos on 91 local communities. Worth picking up a copy.