Denise George knew from the beginning that she was going up against powerful players on Wall Street over their supposed links to Jeffrey Epstein. But she soon sensed that she was also up against forces here at home, in the US Virgin Islands, where the financier seemed to have preyed on women and girls with impunity.

People in St. Thomas wanted the Epstein scandal — and the uncomfortable questions it was raising — to go away, and fast. But George says she needed time. She was fired as attorney general after spending more than three

      • girlfreddy
        1212 days ago

        From the article it seems at least some are Americans in politics … and that not only sucks but it’s dangerous as hell for anyone trying to get to the bottom of shit like this.

        • stevedidWHAT
          612 days ago

          Bad people always seem to rise to power when nations are sick or have been made sick.

          US probably has gotten what it was doing itself for many many years and continues to do to this day

  • Drusas
    2812 days ago

    Nice to see a news article about someone in the justice system having some sort of code of ethics.

    If only she weren’t a seemingly small minority. And I know she probably isn’t–odds are, your average local judge or AG is not corrupt. But the higher you go up the chain, the more the odds seem to be in favor of corruption. At this point, I have far more respect for a county judge than a Supreme Court justice.

    Meanwhile, countries are obliged to root out corruption before joining NATO. Maybe we should require rooting out corruption every year in order to stay in NATO instead.