On October 30, Meta announced it would begin offering people in the EU, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland a choice between paying a subscription fee to opt out of any personalized advertising or consenting to ad targeting to continue accessing Facebook and Instagram for free.

  • netburnr
    26 months ago

    They still collect data even if you pay them. You’re paying for adblock, not privacy.

  • @aelwero
    16 months ago

    Ad revenue is over 600 billion dollars globally. That’s $75 a year if we split it evenly among the whole planet… We can’t just slap a “basic human right” sticker on the problem and expect it to actually work.

    Facebook was bult on ad revenue, in its entirety. You’re basically asking it to defund itself and still keep operating.

    Just unplug that shit. Their user base is starting to shrink, and that’s not accounting for however many people there are like me, who don’t actually ever open their page, don’t use any of their apps, and have a login for the sole purpose of being able to use ancillary products or pages that are linked to it (like game saves, or a VR headset)…

    It’s not worth the ad revenue you generate for them, so it definitely isn’t going to be worth whatever they want to charge to be a paid service. You shouldn’t be buying it based on that, and it’s fucking silly to whine about wanting it when you obviously understand that…