• @Son_of_dad
    97 months ago

    Is this like how they were tricking Cubans into taking construction jobs, only to be taken to Russia and tossed in the front lines? These Russians can’t even fight their own battles

    • @[email protected]
      37 months ago

      many young Nepalis had gone to Russia on student and work visas, and then joined the Russian army to earn some money - with the eventual aim of obtaining Russian citizenship

      • MustrumR
        17 months ago

        Who TF wants to pay for Russian citizenship of all places with a ~10% chance to be killed and additional ~25% chance to get injured in a gruesome way?

        WTF is going on in Nepal?

        Percentages are probably higher for the new fodder, since they keep funneling them to Ukraine while the most loyal personnel is kept alive.

  • @Everythingispenguins
    27 months ago

    That article was very unclear. Are they knowing joining the Russian military or do they think they are getting a different job and being impressed into service?