A federal judge in New York has ordered a vast unsealing of court documents in early 2024 that will make public the names of scores of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates.

The documents are part of a settled civil lawsuit alleging Epstein’s one-time paramour Ghislaine Maxwell facilitated the sexual abuse of Virginia Giuffre. Terms of the 2017 settlement were not disclosed.

  • @n3m37h
    96 months ago

    Hopefully not fully redacted

    • @RunningInRVA
      66 months ago

      The article states that many names could be released, even people who may have been casually included in an email that was submitted as evidence. It also said victim names could be released, which feels wrong. I hope the media treats the release properly depending on whatever it ultimately is.

      • @agent_flounder
        36 months ago

        It also says that there is time for those people to object so I am guessing the most powerful we won’t see listed.

  • SolidGrue
    16 months ago

    deleted by creator