• @RadicalEagle
    111 month ago

    Yeah, agreed. Thankfully my dad died after having brain surgery for cancer so I feel like I’ve earned the right to continue to chuckle at them even if they’re not appropriate. I think it’s what he would’ve wanted. It’s okay to be inappropriate as long as you’re not hurting anyone.

    Making jokes about my dad’s death was actually probably part of my coping method. He did the same thing with jokes about his cancer.

    • @moshankey
      1 month ago

      If you can’t joke about death then what? I made jokes with my mother about having lost two toes to diabetes. Just couldn’t count past 18 anymore. She loved the manicures and pedicures insurance paid for. She was twisted.

      My joking helps with coping with traumas. World’s greatest defense mechanism.

      And I’ve been shaving my head for decades so I’ve heard jokes since the 90’s. All of them.