• nifty
    1 month ago

    Disagree, the U.S. does a lot of things right which quietly go unnoticed because the failures are fun to point out (“haha Richie rich state is failing loool”). All countries have their issues, and the U.S. desperately needs market socialism.

    But please give me an example of any other top GDP country in the world where immigrants can become elected officials (not president) at the federal level. Russia? China? India? All of the other examples in top GDP earners are inherently xenophobic.

    • @[email protected]
      218 days ago

      Isn’t the british premier a first generation descendant?

      Over here in Germany, one federal minister is of Turkish origin.

      The current president of Romania is part of a German minority.

      Granted, the examples all have a lower GDP than India and China overall, but those are three examples that come to mind without even googling.

      • nifty
        118 days ago

        You’re right, and Germany is actually higher than India. I don’t recall why I worded my original post that way, I think I was thinking of countries tankies admire and which also have strong GDP.

        Regardless yes, you’re right that there are other strong GDP democracies besides the U.S. where immigrants can become politicians at the federal level.