It tells me I have to register to view posts! It has blocked all my VPS IPs. From random places:

  • Turkey
  • India
  • Germany
  • That Asian country that is very ‘western’, I have forgotten its name

So what’s the reason? Is this because of scraping? Seems random. If the IP is from India, we could say, well, they don’t want scammers. Turkey, not sure. But Germany?

I know datacenters have an IP range, and they could ban all IPs from all datacenters. But why?

And the issue is, when you register, and post, you suddenly find yourself shadow-banned! I did not even made a bad post or anything.

Where do I get a quality IP that Reddit has not blocked?

  • @[email protected]
    72 months ago

    Reddit wants data, as personal and uniquely identifiable as possible, as collecting and selling that data is a core component of their business. To a significantly lesser degree they also want to minimize spam. VPNs reduce the amount of uniquely identifiable data they can collect (really just an IP address they/their customers can use to match your Reddit data to data from other sources. VPNs also reduce the efficacy of using IP blocks to stop spammers, but I really don’t think Reddit cares too strongly here unless the spam interrupts normal usage, as spam that looks human-like can be sold as user data.

    • FalafelBenSamusaOP
      -42 months ago

      They don’t need to block IPs to stop spammers. Many people don’t know this, and in fact, I did not know this until I got all my users banned and I had to make a new user: Early posts of all users are hidden. Like ALL users. Unless you post with a high-quality IP, not necessarily residential, just a high-quality IP.

      I have taken to buying, yes, buying users. I did that 2 times, don’t do it anymore because Reddit’s not worth 8 bucks.

      These users usually have one post that’s gotten a lot of updoots. Man, Reddit chuds are so predictable with their updooting, people make money from it!

      They are also older, like 2 months. I needed to post on r/forhire, so I bought those users.

      I think if someone needs to scrape, spam etc, he could just buy a user. They go as cheap as $3 afaik.