I have been daily driving Linux for over two years now and I have switched distros many times. So, when my friend bought a new laptop, I convinced him to install Linux Mint on it. I asked him if he wanted to dual boot, he said no because it would fill up all his storage. We installed Linux Mint. The other day, he wanted to play FIFA 17 on his computer. After 5 whole hours of troubleshooting we were able to get FIFA running smoothly with some issues. Next, he wanted to play Roblox. I guided him through the process of installing Waydroid and libhoudini, only to discover that Roblox would run at 10 FPS. With Minecraft, it wasn’t any better. It took us 1 hour to get it working (not skill issue, he wanted to play cracked through Prism Launcher). Now, he wants to go back to Windows 10. I have already told him about dual boot, but he has only 256GB of storage and he wants to play a lot of games. What should I do? Install Windows to his laptop, install some other Linux distro, or try to convince him more about dual boot? Thanks in advance and sorry for the essay.

UPDATE: Of course I will help him install Windows on his computer if he wants so, I don’t want to force him to use Linux after all. I just wanted him to give it a try, and maybe daily drive it, if he can.

EDIT: Because for some reason it was misunderstood, let me clarify it here. Roblox ran with poor performance on Waydroid, not Minecraft. I just said that the installation of Prism Launcher cracked was difficult. After that, Minecraft ran smoothly without any problems.

  • @Tekkip20
    111 month ago

    The problem is mate is that not all games have native Linux versions, If FIFA 17 were on steam, you could use proton on it but I believe it isn’t.

    It just comes with the territory of Linux that some games are windows only and can be finicky.

    Minecraft however, should run fine on potato machines and with Linux, should have a native port you can install from say Flatpak.

    When moving to the penguin train, he needs to write down what software and games he wants to use, and what might be omitted due to compatibility issues.

    If the man wants to use Windows, let him be, he might reconsider in future about trying Mint again or another distro like Kubuntu.