A quick showcase of some miniatures I recently got around to painting!

  • @pyromaster55
    18 months ago

    These guys are GREAT! And I love the paint jobs, they look fantastic!

    I’m definitely going to print some of these for DnD campaigns!

    Do you have any links to your 15mm frostgrave? I’ve been considering trying frostgrave, and 15mm seems like it could be a blast to play on the coffee table.

    • LoribornOPM
      28 months ago

      Thank you! I actually have a Google doc setup with mostly links to various 15mm minis and sculpts that work well at 15mm, and am still testing out my 15mm measure stick to get it the way I want it.

      As for terrain, the best part of 15mm Frostgrave is that terrain is super abundant because hobbyist stores carry a ton of it from Railroad and historical wargaming, and 3D printing 15mm terrain (FDM) is really cheap and scales super well from 28mm, unlike 28mm minis which can be hit or miss at 15mm.