Hear me out, the big players in the Linux space I.e. Canonical, Red Hat and SUSE could release trailers commercially on TV and social media to general users who may not be tech savvy or have a “basic windows” lingo in IT.

I know what you’ll say “Granny smith and Dave the accountant aren’t gonna care”. That’s fair but the adverts could outright say about how MS is a nortorious privacy invader and that you and your family could save spending more money on a supported Win 11 laptpp by just upgrading to Ubuntu or Linux Mint on one you already own with carefully simple instructions.

I understand that they use YouTube, I’m just talking about more traditional sorts of advertising, these firms are pretty big in the enterprise server space and considering they offer desktop versions of their respective distros, you’d think they would try cater to that market as well.

TLDR : Big corpo has money, advertise their distro, make them a better alternative.

  • NutWrench
    31 month ago

    I think the widespread adoption of Linux is only going to happen from the bottom up. Corporations aren’t going to widely adopt Linux until Microsoft becomes a costly liability to them.

    It will probably be the result of CoPilot. Will it be a huge data breach of bank or healthcare records? Will other governments flat-out refuse to run an OS with built-in spyware? Who knows? But it will be something awful that might even get our “mainstream media” to sit up and take notice.

    • Possibly linux
      11 month ago

      I doubt it will ever happen. I don’t really understand people trying to push Linux. Sure you can use it and I’ll even help you solve problems but I am not going to tell people to use Linux.