• Balder
    31 month ago

    What’s the experience so far?

    • @[email protected]
      31 month ago

      It is bearable but feature complete. Every month linaro and the community add functionality. The most recent things include a custom power-domain mapper implementation and apparently camera support.

      If you are running wayland you can simply install any os and its working oob.

      The laptops weight and heat production is awesome. Very practical. Also the body is exceptional sturdy and worth mentioning (even in comparsion to a T14, e.g.).


      • external monitors are not detected at boot
      • no hibernation
      • battery time is very depended on the task. It ranges from 4 to 13 hours.
      • no virtualization support, so one is stuck with tiny code generator runtime when using kvm
      • audio is pretty quiet, so depending on the environment an external source is required.

      I followed almost all patches on the lkml. It appears to me that the upcoming chip can benefit from the sc8280xp hugely. It sufficies for my use cases but I promised myself a little better, yet.