The title is a quote from Mastodon. I’ve always seen dislike towards snap so I was taken back when I saw this stance. The person who wrote this was referring to Tuxedo Laptops.

What are your thoughts on this?


Here’s the original comment:


Some clarification for those accusing me of not following the thread or being disingenuous.

Didn’t bother to follow the thread?

I posted my question here before this particular response from the OP. I asked the question on Lemmy out of interest and wanting to get a wider perspective. I also engaged with the OP on the thread so that I can get their perspective on their stance.

  • @sailingbythelee
    111 month ago

    Yup. I had no problem with snaps or Ubuntu until I saw that underhanded bullshit.

    • Possibly linux
      51 month ago

      I feel like they shot themselves in the knee. Even if it was buggy I would of still tried to use it for fun. However, when they first came out I found out about them because it caused me to be unable to work. I used apt to install a CLI tool and then the CLI tool wasn’t working. I tried to manually get it from the Ubuntu repo only to discover it was snap only.

      It really pissed me off.