• Maple Engineer
    1 month ago

    Exactly. We did the same thing with our kids. They saw us interacting with a wide range of people. When our son came home from a friend’s house and said, “Mommy, what she’s the word n----r mean? What does the word f----t mean?” we had a conversation about loaded words and how we don’t use them. I’ve been working to eliminate gendered insults like b**ch and p—y from my speech. My son called a friend a b–ch while gaming today and I told him not to use gendered insults and explained why. We teach our kids how to deal with people. If you teach them right they will be good human beings.

    • @norimee
      41 month ago

      “Call him a fucking Asshat if you must.”

      Sorry, I know you didn’t mean it like that, but I had to chuckle because the “No gendered insults” kinda sounds like everything else is fair play.