I have no idea how to make friends at my uni and I was hoping to hear some success stories.

  • @FollyDolly
    811 months ago

    I made my best friend in collage by walking up to him and telling him I liked his coat. It took all my courage, but I had spent all of highschool just barely hanging on to the outskits of my friend group and I swore collage was going to be different. (Also it was a really sweet coat.)

    From there he introduced me to a whole slew of wonderful poeple. I was able to move out of the dorms and all of us rented a big house together and it was fucking amazing! I’d never been happier. My new friends taught me how to interact with the normies, drug me to parties and showed me the ropes of true genuine social interaction and for that I am still grateful.

    You just need one friend on the same wierd wavelength as you and grow from there! If you have trouble with icebreakers, or being in anyway charismatic I recommend memorising a handful of dad jokes. Especially if you have a dry, flat tone of voice. Yes, most poeple groan and roll their eyes, but the one’s that don’t? They are the keepers. And poeple will remember you favorably if you can make them laugh!

    (Bonus joke: Did you hear about the huge sale at the Lego store? Poeple were lined up for blocks!)

    • @kapx132
      7 months ago

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