I have no idea how to make friends at my uni and I was hoping to hear some success stories.

  • GONADS125
    611 months ago

    Just wanted to pop in and share these free resources after reading the title. These are all evidence-based, so not some self-help mumbo-jumbo. I used these with my clients a lot when I was a caseworker.

    Want to point out that I understand this isn’t simple social anxiety, but some of the materials on social anxiety includes strategies for improving our social abilities and provide some great suggestions for how to engage with others, propose activities, etc.

    Not going to say they will be game-changers, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share the resources. I personally benefitted a lot from certain topics on that site, like anger and procrastination (ADHD).

    Hope this comment doesn’t come off the wrong way. I don’t have Autism and I don’t want anyone to read this like I’m trying to say I know what you’re experiencing or anything. I just like to try to help when I can, and this is how I know to do it.