I’m currently playing through GBA Advance Wars, which I’ve somehow never played before. It’s absolutely perfect for a half-hour pickup.

So, what are you playing? Let me see those Miyoos!

  • DaveOP
    111 months ago

    If you’re looking for a device with this form factor, the best bets are either:

    • Miyoo Mini Plus
    • Ambernic RG35XX

    The differences are:

    • MM Plus has wifi, single SD card slot
    • Ambernic has no wifi, double SD card slot (one for system, one for games), HDMI output

    Otherwise, they’re pretty similar in terms of specs and capabilities. Both will do up to PS1 well.

    In both cases, you should probably think about replacing the OOTB SD card (which tend to be pretty cheap and prone to failure). And while you’re at it, install the relevant custom OS (OnionOS for MM, GarlicOS for Ambernic). The custom OS adds some nice functionality that the stock OS doesn’t have.

    I bought mine from droix.co.uk, which worked out a bit more expensive, but delivered faster. Alternatively, look for Miyoo’s official store on AliExpress, or Ambernic’s website.

    Hope that helps!

    • @sicjoke
      311 months ago

      It helps immensely, thank you.

      I feel new purchase coming.

      • kratoz29
        111 months ago

        I feel new first purchase coming.