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    10 months ago

    The life of the average person post capitalism is hundreds of times better than before it existed. Being poor now is infinitely better than being middle class 600 years ago.

    You’re confusing capitalism with science/innovation. It’s a common mistake but a mistake nonetheless.

    Capitalism has allowed people more freed than ever before

    Awful grammar aside, the opposite is true: capitalism has been the main driver of enslavement, both literally and figuratively.

    because of capatilism it is more possible for the average person to take risks

    No, because of capitalism, BEING the average person rather than a rich person carries a sharply increased risk of premature death

    new ventures without the help and approval of their lord’s.

    Not true. The Lords aren’t the literal landed gentry anymore, but the economic elite and the politicians they buy control the lives of regular people even more now than feudal lords did in the middle ages. They just have a bunch of multimillionaires telling people otherwise.

    Capatilism has continuously lifted people out of poverty, my family included.

    Capitalism has impoverished many times more people than it has enriched. Capitalism didn’t lift you up, another aspect of society did, such as a social safety net, innovation, neighbours who care etc etc. All things that exist without capitalism.

    Capatilism is a meritocracy

    🤯 Ok, I’m out. I was having fun picking apart your silly misgivings, but that’s just too delusional. If you can claim THAT with a straight face, there’s definitely not enough hope for you in the short term for you to be worth any more of my time and effort. 🤦