So i am building a 3d printer enclosure that is a 1.2m(4ft) square box. The outside is made out of hardboard with 8 toggle latches to close/open 2 sides but i don’t really like the brown look the hardboard has so i am looking to make it nicer. So i would like some ideas to make it less brown and plain and more modern/futuristic. All ideas are welcome image, drawing or just in text form i need some inspiration. Thanks for all your ideas.

  • @[email protected]
    111 months ago

    If you want it futuristic, replace the hardboard panels with the cheapest clear plastic you can get, which is… a clear plastic mat for an office chair. It’ll be clear, with a pebble like texture. I used it on an enclosure I made and it came out great. One mat had enough area to do all the sides, and you can still see through enough to notice if something is horribly wrong.

    Or, paint it and then stencil on some angled lines or something in a contrasting primary color. Maybe a different color for each side.