“Mr Rolles was arrested in late June, when he was pulled off the street in Sydney for allegedly blocking roads and obstructing traffic.”

Since late June, Greg Rolles must produce on demand his computer and mobile phone for police inspection, and tell them his passwords.

He is not allowed to use any encrypted messaging apps, like Signal or WhatsApp. He can only have one mobile phone. […]

These are the strict technology-related bail conditions imposed on some Blockade Australia climate protesters — a development legal experts have criticised as “unusual” and “extreme”. […]

Defence lawyer Mark Davis, who is representing some of the Blockade Australia activists, said the vagueness of the prohibition was concerning.

“It used to name the things you couldn’t have, and then they made it all encrypted communication,” he said.

“It could be you’re on your PlayStation.”

He also takes issue with the non-association rules, and the lack of specificity about what an “association” might be. Mr Davis said one of his clients had been pulled in by police after they reacted with a “thumbs up” emoji to Facebook comments […]

  • brzrd
    11 year ago

    I am with you. I do wish we lived in an ideal world and in ideal times.