In this Our Changing Climate video essay, I look at the validity of vegan and plant-based diets as a solution to climate change. I dive into the human and planetary toll of the meat industry, looking at the massive emissions toll of beef production as well as the exploitative conditions in meat processing plants. Ultimately, I consider whether veganism is an effective tool to dismantling the meat industry and mitigating climate change.

  • @guriinii
    310 months ago

    For most people a plant based diet is fine but it isn’t for everyone. There are those with allergies, intolerances, and health conditions that prevent people eating entirely plant based. There’s also people with food sensory issues. One thing we do not need is industrialised animal agricultural.

    • aroom
      410 months ago

      I guess and hope that those people who can’t eat any plants and rely only on meat are very few. Let’s let all the other stop consuming animal products and we will be in a far better place.